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Inside Fashion Week reaches Paris, the fashion capital of the world. We’ll get the inside scoop with some of the industry's hottest designers, get exclusive interviews with influential fashion figures, and see the digital side of fashion through fashion films. It’s one of the most talked about Fashion Week destinations, and we get the inside scoop for viewers to enjoy!



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Runways typically showcase the up and coming trends of the season, but fashion film photography can depict a more digitally creative point of view. Fashion film photographer Justin Wu takes a cool approach to showcase the idea behind fashion week using Cirque du Soleil dancers. Wu wants to capture the essence of internationalism because in Fashion Week, there are designers from all around the world.

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Guy Laroche is the epitome of chic and cool. This year, Creative Director for Guy Laroche, Adam Andrascik, went on a different direction. He played with textures and fabrics to mimic others. One of his designs was a “leather jacket” that in fact was just made of silk and will, but made to emulate leather. Andrascik’s idea for this collection was to mimic fabrics and make the designs look classic and polished at the same time.

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Lovers of Fashion Week typically focus on the clothing being worn on the model, but not the models themselves. In this episode, we see more of the casting side for Fashion Week. Designer Luis Buchinho tells viewers what he looks for when casting the “perfect girl for the outfit”. He checks if the model inspires him, in terms of attitude, whether the clothing suits her look and her body type.

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James Goldstein is a fashion expert and entrepreneur who has attended Fashion Week for over 30 years. He comments that the Paris Fashion Week is “without a doubt” incomparable to others. Goldstein also mentions that the public is more aware of fashion now then they were 30 years ago due to social media making it easily accessible for people who can not attend the shows.

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One of the most impressive collections of the season was Issey Miyake. Creative Director for Womens Wear, Yoshiyuki Miyamae, expressed that “simple is beauty and beauty is simple.” Using specialized fabric, the brand created clothing out of a square shape, a bit like how a kimono would be made. The fabric is then hand folded and sewn to show futuristic shapes and styles.