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Kicking off our fashion journey, Barcelona is bringing audiences a refined and architectural approach to design. This city is also giving us the best in hair and makeup, and showing us that taking risks definitely has its rewards.



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Barcelona showcased a wide array of inspiration from designers willing to take it to the next level. Drawing inspiration from architecture for his latest award winning collection, Cinetic, Miquel Suay is a designer who likes a challenge and sends a clear message to his audience with every runway show. With well structured designs, to the choice in fabric, Suay is every ounce a winner with his best collection yet.

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Edgar Carrascal’s latest collection, Falcon, showcases his designer chops with a story behind the design. His menswear collection is all about risk and more, having used translucent material typically found in womens clothing, and transformed it with a masculine twist. Carrascal’s collection exudes freedom of movement, with calming tones like rusty beige and green jade, his designs are for the risk-takers everywhere.

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Each designer has their own vision of what their models should look like. But it's up to the hair and makeup team to bring it all together. The trend this Spring Summer season all share one common color: nude. Nude and natural makeup is in. But giving models a hint of glitter and dramatic eyeliner does the trick to amp up this simple color palette. The “no makeup-makeup” policy doesn’t mean you have to go “nude,” simply put, a clean face and an accentuation of the features will make it all come together.

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“The meeting point between fashion and furniture is the fabric,” says Nicolas Roche, co-director of Roche Bobois. Designers are creating fashionably chic cushions for charity and all contributions will be donated to OAfrica, an NGO dedicated to helping reunite abandoned African children with their families. Each cushion is unique and reflects the vision of each designer. From Jean Paul Gaultier to Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, buyers will be taking home a one-of-a-kind pieces made by some of the top designers in the industry.