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Inside Fashion Week move on to London, famous for its edgy style and royalty. For this fashion week, we get a sense of what street style graces the streets of London and the use of social media changing the landscape for fashion. It's a rush of adventure as we enter backstage and see the newest trends for the season. Let’s get the London look.



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During the time spent in London Fashion Week, we see notable styles like faux fur, clothing from TopShop, and Christian Louboutin pumps. We can also see 60’s inspired clothing being worn on the streets, clothing from Danish designer Second Day, and Just Fab shoes. Asos also can be seen as it has the latest trends and affordable wear. For street fashion, people see something appearing a number of times, it’ll eventually become the trend for the season.

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One of the notable designers from London Fashion Week is Henry Holland and his collection House of Holland Fall/Winter 2016. Holland’s style is 1920’s with a 1970’s glam twist. With polkadot patterns, flapper dresses, and leopard print skirts, Henry Holland’s catwalk exudes excitement and color for the gloomy seasons of fall and winter.

Henry Holland:

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Social media has changed the landscape in the way we communicate and receive information, and no doubt has it changed the accessibility we now have for glamourous events such as Fashion Week. Take Susie Lau for example. She’s a fashion blogger that started out small, but her persistence and motivation led her to be seated in the front row of every Fashion Week. We can all enjoy a little fashion info thanks to her blog Style Bubble.

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For fall and winter, it's not all about having an sun kissed tan. For this season, having an evened out skin tone is what in. Adding a little glow and catching a bit of glow and warmth, getting rid of any marks and blemishes and having an overall sheer, sexy look to the skin. One of the backstage insights also shows us a bit of hair action. Hair for winter includes a more textured look, giving more shape and cloud-like texture.

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J JS Lee’s Fall/Winter 2016 was inspired by what most people can see as unconventional, her living room. Lee said that she was living in a small space for the last 5 years and now that she’s moving out and deciding what to buy and how to decorate her new place. She is really into Victorian style English furniture and took her inspiration from there.