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Inside Fashion Week goes to Jakarta, hot temperatures and gorgeous scenery. We take you backstage to discover the coolest trends in the region and get to know what's hot for the season. From makeup to hair to the latest trends in Southeast Asia, Inside Fashion Week takes you on a whirlwind of adventure from start to finish.



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On this episode of Inside Fashion Week, Jakarta, Indonesian brand Obin takes its show on a cheery level. We usually see stoic and poised models down the runway, but on Obin’s collection showcase we see a different attitude. A fun and happy set of models walk down the runway with colorful wigs and smiles, illuminating the crowd and bringing spirits up for this Fashion Week. The designs from Obin are bright with gorgeous patterns, bringing joy and color to the white catwalk.

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Designer Danny Satriadi’s brand Arkamaya brings forth traditional Indonesian patterns and style with a modern twist. The tones of the clothing are mostly whites and neutral tones with hints of color throughout. Indonesian patterns can be seen in every piece of clothing, with precise detailing and stitching, it exudes elegance and grace but with a flair for modern times.


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Rinaldy A. Yunardi’s collection for Jakarta Fashion Week, Lady Warriors, is something right out of a science fiction novel. It is unique as most of the styles on the runway were graceful and poised. Yunardi took it to the next level with his futuristic Amazonian warrior like designs. With nude tones and pointy head pieces, to digital face masks and eyewear, the Lady Warriors collection on this Fall/Winter Fashion Week took audiences by surprise as the towering models walked the runway in unique designs.