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Inside Fashion Week takes you to Madrid, known for its famous fountain of the goddess Cibele. Join us as we discover the trends of the season in this sensational city. From backstage to the runway, you’ll get the inside scoop from the hottest designers and models.



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Inside Fashion Week sets hearts racing with designer Andres Sarda’s lingerie collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. His designs are very sensual as they are lingerie. The woman who wears his designs can exudes confidence. It's about dressing well on the inside so the wearer can reflect it on the outside. This year Sarda’s collection used plenty of sequins making the pieces shine bright as well as lace and tulle.

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It takes a whole team to complete a model's look for any Fashion Week around the globe. Jose Belamonte, Chief of Makeup gives us a glimpse as to what goes on backstage. They first meet with designers a couple of weeks in advance to get to know what they envision for their show. From what kind of woman they want to textures, products and colors that work best with the lights, the team takes in every detail to make the designers vision a reality. Flawlessly executing that on the day of the show.

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Ana Locking’s collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week called “Antihero”, graced the runway this year. Her inspiration came from the average person on the street with no beauty or power, a normal hard working person. She says that she was interested more in prêt-à-porter, a mix of contemporary culture with street culture. An underground street style combines with night dresses makes an interesting mix.

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Esther Garcia Casting Director spoke to us about what goes on behind the scenes when casting models. Some designers what a classic beauty, a woman with perfect measurements, others want defined aesthetics. Overall, designers want models who walk with their own personality and strength so that the audience is captivated by them. All of the models on this Fashion Week walk well but Garcia states that their personality is the key element during casting.