• Fam Irvoll

    Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, Fam Irvoll graduated from Esmod International in 2005 and later from Central St Martins in London in 2008. A signature style of bright colours, 3D and cartoon elements were immediately apparent in her first collection.

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  • Nik Thakkar

    Listed as one of 25 on The New Fashion Power List 2012 and on Time Out London's Culture 100, described by VICE magazine as "one of the premier creative minds in London" and spotted by Dolce & Gabbana as a pop culture tastemaker only begins to describe Nik Thakkar's accolades.

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Guest Judges

  • Matthew Zorpas

    Originally from Cyprus, Zorpas first moved to London to study Public Relations at London College of Communication. However it was something greater about the city that kept him here for almost six years now (and it was definitely not the weather!).

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  • Jas Sehmbi

    African-born, Jas Sehmbi, relocated to India at the age of four, before finally settling in England in 1970. Since leaving school, he chose to specialize in Art at Eastham College, Stratford. On completing the Art Foundation, the young creative began retailing small leather and canvas bags just three months on. By 1985, Sehmbi was designing his own bags and launched his first shop in Essex.

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  • Annette Bette Kellow

    Annette Betté Kellow is a London based writer, actress and burlesque dancer, specializing in film.

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  • Glyn Fussell & Amy Redmond

    Best Friends and dynamic duo Glyn and Amy are the owners of one of London's most famous night clubs, Sink The Pink (STP). Trannies, expression, shock value and fun, all wrapped up in the atmosphere of a house party rather than an anonymous club, that's what STP is all about. The club is a staple of a whole array of Fashion, TV, Music and Media Superstars like Nick Grimshaw, Gemma Cairney, Joanna Lumley and the late Amy Winehouse.

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