• Episode 1 - The Casting

    After pre-selecting a thousand of applications, the judges meet in London to hear the short listed contestants and choose our finalists. But the girls will already face their first challenge and will have to show their personality in a free-style presentation.

  • Episode 2 - Be Glamorous

    The girls will have to fight their inhibitions and prove they have style by performing in a Burlesque scene.

  • Episode 3 - Be Cultured

    The girls meet Fashion sensation Matthew Zorpas and will have to work in pairs. Wearing emerging designers creations, they will have to interview the artists in a secret location in London, which they will have to find.

  • Episode 4 - Be Reactive

    For the semi-finals, the remaining girls will be thrown into the glamorous Vogue Fashion Night Out event and will compete to produce the best coverage.

  • Episode 5 - Be Fashion

    For the finals, the two remaining girls will attend to London Fashion Week. It will be their last chance to prove to the judge they can do the job and handle the pressure of London Fashion Week!