About Stefanie Style Diaries

Fashion correspondent, Stefanie Jones travels the world to take you to cities rarely featured by other travel shows. 

From fashion, food, art, the people and everything in between, let this cheeky bubbly Brit take you to the hidden gems that are the locals' best kept secrets.

Join in to the adventure brought about by this fabulous destination show.

Stefanie Rycraft Jones

Gorgeous, vivacious and bright, Stefanie Jones is captivating. With a great deal of live and pre recorded presenting experience that makes her a total natural on screen, Stefanie stippled her competition to become the network’s first London Correspondent. Stef is comfortable in any environment, doing pieces to camera from autocue or out on the streets vox-popping the public. 

Prior to joining the show, Stefanie has some noteworthy credits to boast. She was the official presenter for Miss Great Britain 2011 covering heats and events across the UK. She also hosts her own online media show on Video Junkie TV reporting on the latest news, events and topics from sports cars and technology to music, events, lifestyle and popular culture. Stefanie has interviewed many music celebs for Leeds Festival as well as appearing on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh Show, SKY TV, not forgetting being Nestle’s first ever female Milky Bar Kid… at the age of 23! Her fun and ‘game for anything’ spirit is massively appealing and has led her to a passion for outdoor action – such as skiing and scuba diving. She is also a massive film buff (and a sucker for all things ‘celeb’). Stefanie loves all things fashion, showbiz and brings a wonderful and infectious natural energy to the screen and audience.