One of the youngest designers ever to show during New York Fashion Week, the designer turned reality star received international acclaim including wining the VH1 "Glam God" series hosted by Vivica Fox.

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A fashion-packed 6-episode reality series where designers around the world are surprised with unconventional materials and have to make high fashion garments.

New York's beautifully outrageous fashion designer, celebrity stylist turned reality star, Indashio, hosts this fashion-packed series where designers compete for a chance to win $25,000.

Each episode three designers compete in three unique challenges; an accessory, an undergarment and a wardrobe apparel piece. They are given one inspiration throughout the challenges with one goal, to achieve a single cohesive look.

Designers will have to be flexible, inventive and creative in order to construct with the mandatory obscure materials provided. One will be eliminated and two will progress in the hope of being crowned The Design Genius. Design Genius is about the realization of an overall vision; it's about making the unimaginable fashionable.