About the show

Five stylish women, six fashion films, five Chinese elements, add in a world-renowned fashion designer and a heap of challenges, and you've got FASHION FILMMAKERS.

Fashion Filmmakers follows the trials and tribulations of 5 female professionals with varying skill sets in their quest to make 6 fashion films for famed Indonesian designer Ika Butoni, with limited time, wardrobe and equipment.

Each episode will focus on one of the five Chinese elements; metal, earth, water, wood and fire, with episode 6 combining them all.

One of Indonesia's finest designers, Ika Butoni lends her latest collection to showcase on these fashion films and will expect nothing but perfection.

Can these wildly different fashion mavens pull together to create 6 professional fashion films? Or will in-fighting, extreme shoots and the pressure tear the ladies apart? Watch to find out if the girls prevail over high fashion pressures or succumb to cutting edge demands.