Take A First Class Ticket To Fashion

Exploring Various Trend-Setting Styles From Across The World

July 28, 2015, New York – Pack your bags and hold on to your passports as Fashion One, the premiere international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle broadcaster, takes you to an exciting journey to the most stylish regions across the seven seas in Fashion Around The Globe. Get ready to immerse into the various styles and trends from different fashion cultures.

Fashion is influenced by a country’s culture. It’s a visual glimpse into the people’s personality and a reflection of where they come from. Fashion Around The Globe explores various fashion trends, staples and types of style of different countries from every continent. From the sedate traditional forms of Asian fashion, to the ever-trendy and daring ensembles of the Europeans, find out what makes each country’s style distinct from the rest.

On the first instalment of Fashion Around The Globe, we travel to Europe to discover the burgeoning styles of four vogue countries. Russia keeps it simple, sophisticated, yet very stylish with the perfect mix of lavish elegance and minimalistic choice of clothing. Fashion capital France indulges in timeless and classic pieces, appearing casual and elegant without trying too hard. A distinct style is thriving in Poland as they display unique minimalistic and avant-garde designs, a profound combination of playfulness and intellectualism. Last but definitely not the least, England has always been popular for its fearlessness and eccentric taste in style. Even though all the countries have different types of styles and trends, they are all reflections of their people’s individuality and environment.

Discover more styles and trends of the world on Fashion Around The Globe, premiering on August 11, Tuesday, at 22:00 (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+2 for the rest of Europe), exclusively on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.
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