Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sandals made from yoga mats? Absolutely! Discover Sanük!
Posted: Mar 27, 2012
Montreal, March 1, 2012 – Sanük, the famous Californian sandal brand, would like to introduce the two stars of their new 2012 Spring-Summer collection : the women's Yoga Mat sandal...
Fashions Made In America!
Posted: Mar 27, 2012
2012 is a year steeped with political rhetoric. Politicians are claiming this, declaring that, blaming each other while requesting more from us. Yet underneath all the fuss is just us....
Schon Magazine: Behind the Scenes of ‘Soviet’ with Fashion One
Posted: Mar 03, 2012
We invite you to go behind the scenes with Fashion One Television Ltd. and see how our gorgeous cover editorial ‘Soviet’ featuring model Kat Cordts came together. Continue reading...