Bella Petite: Fashion One Television Comes to Bella Petite

Fashion One Television Comes to Bella Petite

Fashion One is a global lifestyle and entertainment TV network for women focused on glamorous and inspirational fashion in all aspect of life. With the latest updates and in-depth interviews with designers and celebrities, female audiences will be entertained with Fashion One’s original programmes including reality shows, documentary, travelogue, entertainment news and lifestyle magazine. Fashion One broadcasted in HD and reach over 100 million homes all over the world in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Europe and Americas through 20 satellites, 9 feeds and 3 languages. Fashion as it pertains to television, it is not limited to just runway and models. Viewers can find fashion, trends and style everywhere. From photography, street style and beauty tips, to designer retrospectives and the latest celebrity trends, Fashion One reveals fashion in all aspects of life. Adding to the core programming of the latest in fashion, entertainment, lifestyle news, profiles of A-list celebrities, luxury brands, holiday destinations and red carpet events, Fashion One will also deliver a strong lineup of original programming. This includes: Fashion One Correspondent Search, a reality series that seeks to find the network’s Fashion Correspondent in all the fashion capitals; Eco-Fashion, a docu-series take viewers on a mind-opening journey into the realm of environmentally sustainable fashion; Design Genius, a fashion-packed reality series where designers around the world are surprised with unconventional materials and have to make high fashion garments within a strict time frame; Fashion Frontline, a fashion news programming deliver the most immediate, credible, and comprehensive coverage on the industry news, along with providing a daily-dose of celeb gossip and beauty trends from around the globe; Front Row, a fashion commentary that critique the season’s best designer catwalks and give viewers insight into how to stay fashionable with looks straight from the runway; Fash-Back, a fashion retrospective highlights the evolution of fashion designers; Beauty Fix, a beauty series that take the latest catwalk looks and show viewers how to mirror for everyday use; Fashion One, My Style, a series offers viewers a chance to see different styles from the chic trendsetters from the street corners around the world. By producing all content with 100% right, Fashion One we are already prepared to create our mobile channel, our online channel, our VOD channel accessing to the library on the unique programmes about fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. The Fashion One Network is a subsidiary of Bigfoot Entertainment.
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