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CONTEMPORARY + EXTRAORDINARY PARISIAN CHIC The meaning of “BoBo” is derived from “Bourgeois-bohème,” a particular approach to life in Paris that reflects stylistic independence and relaxed luxury. The collection is comprised of subtle, sophisticated pieces that are noteworthy for their ability to merge both bohemian chic with classic Parisian charm – the staples of a modern woman’s wardrobe. From simple tees to elegant pareos, BoBo House’s signature style, attention to detail and haute qualité create a fresh, novel collection. BoBo House is proudly made in the USA and is produced as sustainably as possible to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.
Founder and designer, Eloise Lapidus brings her experience, fresh style, and Parisian charm to her line of apparel at BoBo House. As daughter of world-renowned French designer, Ted Lapidus, Eloise’s keen fashion sense has been instilled in her ever since childhood. An early exposure to the world of fashion has allowed Eloise to harvest her designs through her experiences and inspirations of the most iconic beauties of our time. Introduced by her father’s designs, worn and coveted by icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Alain Delon, Francoise Hardy and John Lennon to name a few, Eloise is greatly inspired by sixties and seventies bourgoise bohemians, or “Bobos” of Paris and St. Tropez. “Growing up in Paris I was mesmerized by the sophistication and beauty of French women and the streets of the city they called home,” recalls the designer. Thus, her collections are comprised of classic pieces that are romantic while discreet and effortlessly sexy. After relocating to the US and graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in Art History, Eloise Lapidus truly showcases her talent and hones in on her passion with BoBo House.
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